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Welcome to!'s aim is to provide a clean, generic and up to date repository of free Android applications (open source and not open source) that are official packages from publishers. We do our best effort to provide pristine, unmodified Android applications packages (APKs). provides a lot of applications for mobile Android phones.

Open source applications

Most of open source applications available through our API are mirrored from F-Droid. Packages are then analysed for integrity. Then we run Exodus privacy software analysis to collect the number of permission and trackers in each APK and deliver this information through our API.'s mission is to deliver clean and up to date contents to users. Therefore, APKs from F-Droid are checked daily for possible updates. If you think that an application from F-Droid has not been updated for a long time, PLEASE WARN US (contact @ cleanapk . org) so we can find out about the issue and fix it as soon as possible. [Note: we had a major issue updating packages end of August 2019, it should be all fixed now]


If you wish your application to be posted at, please contact us at: contact DOT cleanapk DOT org Please send us all information needed to create a page for this application.

If you wish to develop an application that uses API (V1 API | V2 API), you are free to do so, but we love to hear from you!

Our API supports the number of permissions and number of trackers for each applications. These have been computed using Exodus Privacy Standalone analysis software. A resulting "privacy score" is also generated from the number of permissions. The highest score is 10, the lowest is 0. A simple algorithm is used to compute this score: it is decreased from 10 downto 0 when some perms are required or some trackers are present. Tracker impact is weighted 4x times permission impact.


You can check the integrity of Android APKs using their SHA1 sum provided at the application page.

If you think that we ship a modified or unsecure APK, please contact us at contact AT cleanapk DOT org and send us the application name, codename (like: and version number. This way, we can check with the original source and make sure there is not modified package distributed through this repository.

We support Privacy & Freedom!

For your information, most APK packages here have been analyzed so that we can provide a list of permissions they require, and trackers they include. A "privacy score" is computed from the number of those permissions and trackers.

Our API is not tracking you: we are not using any cookie and IP adresses are just kept in service logs. They are rotated regularly and not used.


All the content of is either submitted by users, or available in various places on the Internet and supposed to be freely downloable and redistributable.

If you are the publisher of an application and your copyrighted material has been posted here or if links to your copyrighted material are returned by search engines and you wish to have them removed, please provide a written communication with all the information listed below:

Send the infringement notice by email to: contact @ cleanapk . org


Android is a trademark of Google LLC is not affiliated in any manner with Google or Google Play.